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Matt Ross-Spang

Producer, Audio Engineer

If you heard somebody say that someone was “wise beyond their years,” they were probably talking about Matt Ross-Spang. 


The Memphis-born producer began his career at Sun Studios at the age of 16 where he worked as a tour guide by day and intern by night. It was at this ripe young age that Ross-Spang knew all he wanted to do was make records. Having been awarded both a Grammy for his work with Jason Isbell, and the key to Memphis before the age of 30, it is safe to say he made the right choice.


“I hope people see the passion that I have. I do not do this for the money; I do this because I love to make records and love to help pull something out of people they did not know they had. I think all the great producers like Sam Philips, Willie Mitchell and Chip Moman, I felt that way about them,” says Ross-Spang. 

For him, Memphis and its history has played an integral part in his career. As an independent engineer and producer, he is able to travel and work wherever he can make music, but he insists that there is nothing like coming home and making music in his city. His favorite thing is getting people from out of town to come because every time they do, they are blown away before they even step in the studio.


Once they do make it in the studio, Ross-Spang refers to his sound as “organic.” He likes to bring in local musicians to play and vibe with an artist to have everyone mold to each other and not rely on routine. “Music to me is a community effort — it’s not just one person. It is a bunch of people in a room together, making a record. You should feel that. If the chair squeaks, I leave it in. If you can hear the person breathing a little bit, I leave it in,” says Ross-Spang. 

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