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Visitors who step through the antique French doors of the LeTard home, built in 1928, are likely to be greeted by the tiny sentry of the home in the couple’s Brussells Griffon puppy, Rufus. The subdued cream-and-gray palette of the interior is accented by light, rustic floral throughout the house. Cattails, cotton stems and more add a touch of life in empty corners of the house and serve as a reflection of the Southern-born homeowner’s roots.



Any good home needs a reading nook, and the LeTard home is no exception. Light floral touches accent this cozy space, which is flanked with a book shelf stocked with an array of cookbooks and good reads. A nearby windows offers a wide view of nearby Peabody Avenue, perfect for people watching and scanning the streets for trick-or-treaters during Halloween — a favorite holiday in the LeTard household. 



As a self-proclaimed “culinary journalist,” LeTard’s kitchen is an often-visited branch of the house. And it’s no surprise this space often doubles as both a testing lab for new dishes and office. “It’s kind of a family story,” she says of her interest in cooking. “About seven years ago, I inherited a family cookbook from my grandmother who lives in Coldwater, Mississippi. At the time, I didn’t cook at all, but began to notice that my entire family had contributed to this book in some way.” Her first recipe from the book, the well-kept family secret of holiday ravioli, was an ordeal. “I didn’t even have a rolling pin,” she says. “I had to use a wine bottle.” Andrea has since upgraded her kitchen area to include not just arolling pin, but an assortment of cooking tools including a mixer and ceramic servingware. “I like to invite a lot of family friends over to try out new recipes,” she says.



The family room is where Andrea and Tres spend most of their time in the house. A towering pair of shelves stand sentinel over the room, showcasing photographic memories, family relics and some cleverly concealed storage spaces. Renovations removed the wall between the kitchens and the family room, allowing the nearby skylight to bathe the space between in natural light, perfect for shifting the mood from the “work space” of the kitchen to the relaxation space of the living room. “I really like the open floor plan here because it doesn’t feel like I’m closed off whenever I’m working in the kitchen, she says.



The dining room of the LeTard household is where Andrea showcases her cooking and entertaining skills, with countless meals served on the reclaimed wood table over the past year. Mismatched chandeliers throughout the house permeate the rustic, reclaimed vibe that reverberates from this room. 



The spacious master bedroom of Andrea and Tres showcases a fusion of the couple’s classical tastes while maintaining the modernized look and feel of the rest of the home. Converted luggage trunks serve as up-cycled nightstands on either side of the couple’s king-sized bed. “The luggage trunks in place of nightstands are kind of symbolic. We are big travelers, so it's a nice personal touch.”



The LeTard home also boasts a “listening room,” featuring a selection of concert posters collected by Tres. A vintage record player fills out this decidedly minimalist corner of the upstairs area, offering the perfect acoustics to listen to classic rock tunes from the likes of The Rolling Stones, Gun N’ Roses and Jane’s Addiction. 

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The Central Gardens chateau of Click contributor and food blogger, Andrea LeTard


Story by Casey Hilder | Photos by Brian Anderson & Casey Hilder

Home | July 2017

For culinary maven Andrea LeTard, every dish has a story. That’s the basis of her food blog, Andrea’s Cooktales. The same could be said for every room of her shared four-bedroom, three-bathroom home in Midtown Memphis’ historic Central Gardens neighborhood. 


A Hernando native, LeTard settled in a little more than a year ago and has spent the bulk of that time entertaining guests, adding a bit of personal flair through decoration and repairing the home alongside her husband, Tres. She has been featured as a judge on the breakfast episode of Cooking Channel’s Big Bad BBQ Brawl, a frequent contributor to Local 24 cooking segments, as well as the mind behind some of the recipes for localclean-eating enterprise, Ultimate Foods. Her cooking influences include The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, as well as Italian Chef Giada De Laurentiis.

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