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Mary Conley’s Summer Closet

A look at 2017 trends with Click stylist and NBA wife Mary Conley


Story by Olivia Colvert 

Summer opens the possibilities for occasions—weddings, vacations, graduations and all the everyday living in between. Mary Conley creates a beautiful, summer wardrobe by incorporating the 2017 runway’s top pieces to fit every important to-do this upcoming summer season. Whether the event is filled with family, friends or colleagues—she covers it. This NBA wife celebrates her life as Click’s new stylist, and shines the light on her all-encompassing summer wardrobe. Ruffles, denim, bomber jackets and beach accessories are what’s on her list for must-haves for this upcoming season.


Click Magazine: What has been the most rewarding gift you have received from being selected as the new stylist for Click magazine?

Mary Conley: The most rewarding gift I have received since being selected as the new stylist for Click Magazine would be confidence. Knowing the editor trusts me to select the clothes, style the models and inspire the reader is a great feeling. 


CM: We all know every summer brings a new list of selected trends for the beach, which one appeals to you the most as you plan for your summer trip and why?

MC: I love packing for vacations, especially a beach vacation. This year, I will be investing in new cover-ups. When I am walking from my hotel room to the pool or beach, I want to be covered up, but not in just shorts and a t-shirt. A cute cover-up can take you to a beach side lunch or to a market, and still looked pulled together. 


CM: What goes into planning an outfit for a formal occasion when taking the summer heat into consideration? Are there any items you see as a necessity for these events?

MC: Summer is the season for weddings and formal dressing, which can be hard to do in this southern heat. I would pay close attention to the material of your outfit. Choose breathable material like cotton and linen and choosing a lighter color fabric will also help. With the hot weather comes air conditioning, so don’t forget to bring a shawl or jacket in case you are cold inside. 


CM: The denim skirt is on its way back in, and is considered one of the top trends for the upcoming spring/summer 2017 season. What does your denim skirt outfit look like? 

MC: When I first saw the denim skirt was coming back I thought of my early high school days. Today, I am wearing a completely different style denim skirt. I am loving the pencil style, which is high waisted and fitted. Worn with a tee tucked in at the front, a cute pair of sandals and a lightweight bomber jacket. 


CM: Every girl’s dream is the feeling of her favorite summer dress on. Have you seen any for this upcoming season that have made an impression on you?

MC: Last year’s summer dress will be on repeat for me this summer, an off the shoulder chambray dress. Mixing two styles in one, denim and off the shoulder, gives an added chicness to an outfit. If you aren’t comfortable exposing your shoulders, look for a classic t-shirt style dress. They are loose and forgiving, and have a flattering neckline. 


CM: Ruffles appeared repeatedly on the runway this season. What are some of your favorite ways to playfully show your appreciation for ruffles?

MC: Ruffles were everywhere on the runway this season. The best way to wear ruffles without feeling too young is to add a structured piece. I have seen some beautiful dresses with ruffles down the side, which would be a great style to wear to a formal event. My favorite ruffle look would be ruffles on the sleeve of a structured shirt with distressed jeans. 


CM: Military fashion has become huge over the past few months.  Is there a jacket you have your eye on that makes for an excellent transition into the chilly weather that comes with the end of the day? 

MC: Military jackets today are just as versatile as a denim and leather jacket. What is fun about the military jackets today are the patches! You can make your jacket unique by customizing with the patches that have cute sayings, or buy a jacket that already has patches that expresses your personality. These types of jackets are looser, and are perfect for layering over a light sweater when the weather turns a little cooler. 

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