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Entertain | May 2016

Life is Sweet 


Planning a Sugar Shack Shindig



Story by Michelle Hope




A Sweet Scenario

Next was the decor and set-up of our Sugar Shack. We wanted to create an authentic-looking candy shop that was both functional and festive. Using a 6-foot table, we added adorable linens from Classic Party Rentals and used a canopy we found at IKEA. We then added card stock to the scallop trim to match our theme and simply tacked it to the wall above the table. Voila! 


Delicious Details

This was a 7-year-old's birthday celebration, so the birthday cake by Cake Occasion became the centerpiece for the table and we surrounded it with a bevy of other treats like cupcakes, cake pushup pops, and ice cream cone cotton candy. One of our favorite details was the custom signage designed by Catchingfireflies — each sign was unique and adorable. We even had custom sticker labels made for the mini milk bottles used to serve pink lemonade.






















Make it Yourself

Many of the visual elements of this party were DIY projects. The giant candy and lollipops used for the entrance were made of bouncy balls and plastic plates on wooden dowels — all wrapped in iridescent cellophane — and were super easy to create. The table centerpieces were flower balls from Hobby Lobby on top of dollar store ice cream cups, topped off with a smoothie straw and pom-pom cherry.


Another way to really make this party your own is to add a secondary theme. For example, we paired a “Dolly and Me” theme with the Sugar Shack since it was a little girl’s birthday party. All the guests brought their dolls and we had adorable mini party hats for them to match the confetti party hats for the guests. A photo booth with custom props for the girls and their dolls provided entertainment and photos for thank you-notes later. A Candy Walk game (much like a traditional cake walk), piñata and crafts for the girls kept everyone busy.  


Setting up Shop

Our candy display consisted of sixlets, chewy sweet tarts, bubble gum tubes, candy bracelets and pixy stix, and we offered rainbow sherbet and cupcake marshmallows, too! For a non-sweet option, we made Ritz cheese lollipops.


The Sugar Shack theme is so versatile, you could do this for a boy or girl, adults or kids — everyone loves some sort of candy,so the options are endless. And sweet stuff comes is every color of the rainbow, allowing you to get really creative. Utilize your local resources, repurpose some of what you already have for decor, and hire professionals for what you need help with and you will surely taste sweet success.



















July 4th Entertaining
July 4th Entertaining

This delicious and sweet party is simple to do yourself and affordable for any budget. Let our party inspire you to throw your own this season and take advantage of our cost-effective tips.


Beginning with a festive invitation, we found a local Etsy shop (hannahbananadesigns) that had some adorable options. We were able to save on shipping and picked them up ourselves since she was local. The invitation always sets the tone for your party, so make sure to choose a design that gives your guests a taste of what is to come.

July 4th Entertaining
July 4th Entertaining
July 4th Entertaining
July 4th Entertaining
July 4th Entertaining

Ritz Cracker Lollipops



1 Box of Ritz crackers

1 Can of Easy Cheese

1 bag of Pretzel Sticks



Lay out half of your Ritz crackers on a flat working surface. Squirt a dollop of Easy Cheese on the center of the crackers. Lay a pretzel stick down on top of the cheese- making sure it's centered, leaving half the pretzel sticking out below the cracker. Top the crackers/pretzels/cheese with the more crackers, pressing them down lightly to spread the cheese on both crackers.


Tip: Don't make these too far in advance, the crackers will become soggy.

July 4th Entertaining

Cotton Candy Cones



4-5 small bags of cotton candy (any color/flavor you prefer)

1 box of ice cream cones (we used sugar cones)

Clear bags & Ribbon for presentation




1. Open all of your bags of cotton candy and place the contents into one big bowl.

2. Open the ice cream cones and get all of your cones out and ready.

3. Tear off a generous piece of cotton candy and form it into a ball/oval like shape.

4. Gently push the cotton candy down into the cone, not smashing it down too far. You want it to look fluffy, like ice cream.

5. Put each filled cone into a clear bag and tie off the top to seal with ribbon.


Tip: You must seal these treats if you make them in advance so the cotton candy won't melt away. If you don't want to use bags, an air-tight container will work until you are ready to serve them.

July 4th Entertaining



Party Planner/Event Designer

Michelle Hope, Social Butterflies, LLC



Creation Studios 


Rentals (kids tables/chairs & linens)

Classic Party Rentals




Paper Details/Signage


Photo Booth Props & Cone Headband


Cake, Cupcakes & Cake Pops



Duncan Donuts


Confetti Party Hats


Doll Party Hats


Milk jars, straws, gum ball tubes, 

cupcake liners, candy cups & 

ice cream cups

The Sugar Diva



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