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Drinks | May 2014

Margarita Days

A fruit-blasted Cinco de Mayo pick-me-up for any margarita fan.


Story by M.B. Sellers

Photos by Casey Hilder



We all must agree that a margarita shared over happy hour or dinner is a perfect way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Spanish for “the fifth of May,” the holiday is celebrated primarily in America and certain portions of Mexico, with origins heralding back to the American Civil War. This day was originally a way in which to celebrate freedom and democracy in the early years of the war. Nowadays, it serves primarily as a holiday to commemorate Mexican heritage, as well as the ever-popular margarita consumption. With a side of salsa, please. Volta Taverna, known simply as “Volta” by the locals, is located in Oxford, Mississippi, just north of the Square.


Boasting an extensive Mediterranean-style menu—with the likes of souvlaki, hummus dip, various gyros, pita melts, and more southern-oriented food such as their “Hotty Toddy Balls”—it’s both a destination restaurant and bar. They also do a good deal of catering, and include two separate menus for regular catering requests and Grove requests. For those in Oxford, it’s a destination spot for margaritas, partly due to their special weekly deals: half-priced margaritas Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. They also offer several flavors that pander to the varying taste buds of customers. Due to its easy location and laid-back vibe, it’s a hot spot for students and Oxford youth. When asked about Volta’s most popular margarita, owner Brooke Krizbai said, “Our Staff Favorite is everybody’s favorite who works here. It’s orange juice and strawberry, and it’s really, really good.”


That’s not surprising due to their unique and fresh flavor combinations. The liquor includes Tequila and Triple-sec, with splashes of their homemade lemonade, fresh-squeezed orange juice and Strawberry Pucker. They recommend the frozen version of the drink and I would, too. It’s clearly fresh, with the perfect balance of flavor and alcohol. The lemonade acts as a buffer between the two competing fruit flavors, while signaling a nice blend with a bit of a bite to it. The preparation is a breeze, as well: “We put it in the machine—the lemonade and the tequila—and when it comes out, we add in the flavors,” explains Krizba On the restaurant’s history, Krizbai explains, “Well, it was originally opened by Randy Yates, who owns Ajax, and I was the general manager for him. Then, I bought it from him after two years. That was in July of 2005.” With its hip atmosphere and centralized location, Volta will be my one-stop location come Cinco de Mayo celebration time. Ingredients:TequilaTriple-secHomemade lemonadeFresh orange juiceStrawberry pucker




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