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Top wedding trends of 2013: Local tastemakers weigh in on what’s new for the year ahead.

Old is New, Again

The new year will bring more weddings with an antique, vintage feel, while being elegant and romantic at the same time. Think Downtown Abbey. Vintage wedding design shows an appreciation for tradition and family. This style features a lot of vintage lace, antique gold flatware, rose gold jewelry and pearls. Popular colors include grays, golds, soft pinks and of course, ivory. At the reception, the use of family heirlooms like candlesticks and candelabras with tall, skinny candles will see a resurgence — all of which help create a romantic atmosphere. Other heirlooms like champagne buckets, cake knives and serving pieces that are sentimental to the couple can provide a great centerpiece.
Antique props such as antique couches or davenports, oversized chairs and gold mirrors can adorn wedding celebrations for an added sense of class and flair. Antique trunks or suitcases can also be used to collect and store wedding cards or gifts. Old, wooden church pews are another classic that will soon see a revival at weddings, especially in the case of outdoor ceremonies, where seating will need to be provided.

A New Tradition

Wedding cupcakes have rapidly gained popularity in the past few years. Decorating miniature wedding cakes can be a lovely way to introduce a unique twist on this classic dessert. Many bakeries decorate these small cakes and stack them on a tall tiered stand to resemble a traditional wedding cake or mix wedding cupcakes with regular-sized cake layers for a different look. This will allow a “cutting cake” layer, as well as decorated miniature wedding cakes. Wedding cupcakes offer a wide variety of flavor and designs, so guests are not required to choose a single type like a traditional cake.


Interactive Album

Brides everywhere are using social media to help plan and promote their weddings. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram are popular platforms that provide a wealth of gorgeous images to inspire brides in the planning process. Besides adding a little fun, visual outlets like Flickr also help vendors learn a bride’s personal style and preferences. Another fun social media trend is to create a Twitter hashtag for the wedding weekend (e.g. #Mr&MrsLadner) and encourage guests to livetweet the event and post images to Instagram. This can provide an “interactive album” of sorts produced by friends and family. This affords the bride with plenty of extra wedding coverage and can prove much more efficient than the old disposable camera trend. Plus, it’s virtually free.

Patterns and color

More brides will incorporate patterns into their wedding decor in 2013. Chevron and stripes, as well as paisleys, will become the fun patterns that can be brought into the ceremony through ties, pocket handkerchiefs and even bridesmaid skirts. These patterns can weave throughout the reception by coordinating napkins and table runners. Expect to see the mixing of patterns and solids with tablecloths also.
Colors for 2013 will include various shades of green, especially mint, emerald and jade. Also, look for classic wedding colors in the form of poppy reds, nectarine, dusty rose, navy and dusk blues, shades of purple and lemon yellow.

Paula DeClerk, DeClerk Wray Designs

A Fun Alternative

Food truck catering is the latest wedding trend sweeping the country. Booking a food truck can provide a unique and fun alternative to traditional catering. Food trucks can be used in many different ways, including appetizers for guests as they enter the reception, entrées at an outdoor ceremony or to provide a late-night snack as guests head for home. The menu is limited only by a planner’s imagination: everything from classic wedding dishes like steak and dumplings to trendy and fun selections such as mini tacos and slider burgers. Graze Food Truck is Memphis’ newest mobile eatery, where owners Georgia Smith and Amelia Timms work alongside Club Windward Catering in Lakeland, TN to customize the menu and décor to create a personalized and elegant reception.


Withstand the test of time

This year will see a resurgence of true romance and classic imagery in wedding photography, with couples opting for timeless rather than trendy when it comes to preserving memories of that special day.
Drawing ideas from the social networking site Pinterest gained popularity in the weddings of 2012, with a lot of hearts-with-hands gestures and couples kissing through digitally-imposed picture frames. This year, couples will likely look back on 2012 as the year of clichéd, posed images. Future couples will adopt a classier, vintage look in their wedding photos through black-and-white candid shots that provide a more organic alternative to recent trends.

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