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Kevin Plyer

Delta Groove Yoga  |  Yoga and Meditation

Kevin Plyer describes Yoga as a journey, and his fascination with the practice began only a few years ago, when he realized the benefits were more than physical. “Of course, there’s the physical aspect [of Yoga] that most people are drawn to, such as strengthening the core and burning fat,” says Plyer.  “But more value lies in the calming and centering of the mind along with the subtle yet significant impacts within the nervous system.”


Plyer’s reference to Yoga’s impact on the nervous system has been backed by years of research. In addition to stabilizing the nervous system’s response to stress, Yoga has been shown to calm human response to threat, such as a racing heart, sweating, and anxiety. “What we take from our yoga practice,” says Plyer,” a deeper understanding of ourselves, becomes one of the greatest qualities of Yoga.”


Since receiving his certification to teach Yoga in 2014, this 30-year-old Memphian credits the practice with defining his flexible, slim physique. He adds that it has also taught him extraordinary patience, with poses that have taken consistent focus and physical strength to learn. “I feel that patience has become one of the most valuable qualities to obtain in the 21st century,” he says. “Patience comes if you are willing to transition through the openness of the body, mind, and self.” 


Born in Birmingham, AL, Plyer moved to Memphis in the mid 90s and now teaches at Delta Groove Yoga and Midtown Yoga, both located in midtown, Memphis. Incorporating concepts such as mindfulness and devotion in every class he teaches, Plyer also studies Ayurveda, a holistic approach to health that teaches physical existence, mental existence, and personality all work together and affect each other. 


“When tapping into the stillness within us,” he says, “we allow ourselves to be at a state of peace on and off the mat.”

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