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Ready, Set Fête!


Get out the party hats and pop the bubbly — it's time to party, as the countdown to 2014 begins.


Food & Entertaining | December 2013

Ring in the New Year right with an easy, intimate party at home full of glitz and glam. Gather friends together for a night everyone will remember. There's no better way to start off the New Year than with family and friends. Throw a fabulous party without all the stress a night out entails, including traffic, crowds, long lines and outrageously priced party cocktails.

Invite Early

Send out invitations near the first of December. Paper invites always create excitement. They tell guests that if it was worth going to the trouble of mailing an invitation, the party will definitely be worth attending. If the holidays have you strapped for time, don’t stress that you didn’t make it to the stationary store. An Evite can be equally as elegant if executed correctly. Party planner Michelle Hope recommends or, which allow the host to track RSVPs and also what each guest is bringing to the party.

Use What You Have

Items around the house can be repurposed as party décor.  Pull out that crystal that’s been collecting dust and use the fancy stemware to create a champagne bar. Christmas decorations, specifically those in silver and white colors, look fabulous for an event such as this. Another way to save money is to invite guests to contribute to the party by bringing a bottle of bubbly. At the champagne bar, provide a variety of mixers like cranberry and pineapple juice or peach nectar for friends to mix it up a bit.

Start Late

Don’t feel like spending all day in the kitchen? Have guests arrive after 8 p.m.; people will most likely have already eaten and expect little more than a few heavy hors d'oeuvres. Another idea, suggests Hope, is to skip food before midnight altogether and instead present a breakfast buffet after the clock strikes midnight. Waffles and Pancakes can be made in advance and be kept warm in the oven. A simple breakfast casserole can also be prepared prior to the party and served alongside muffins, croissants, scones, bagels, fruit and/or granola.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Whatever you do, don’t forget the importance of a solid playlist and room to dance. A dance floor is the key to a memorable party. If hiring a DJ is out of the budget, ask guests to send in requests with their RSVPs.


Dressed to Party

Hats, horns, feather boas, and glow sticks are extras that add to the New Year’s Eve festivities. All kinds of fun and crazy options can be found at a very reasonable price online or even at the local dollar store. Sparklers are the perfect accessory for the end of the night.

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