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Dining Out Dec 2012

Warming Sips

Java Cabana
2170 Young Avenue, Memphis

How many places in Memphis have been blessed by Tibetan monks? It may sound strange but not for Java Cabana. Since 1992, Java Cabana has been the wonderfully strange escape for many individuals in the region. “It’s what I need, where I need it, when I need it,” says Bret. “It’s my chai latte in town,” says Clair, a talented graphic design artist. Peanut butter milkshakes, Raspberry mochas and pistachio frappes are a few of the local favorites served here.

641 South Cooper Street, Memphis

For eighteen years, Otherlands has provided a free spirited atmosphere. Since starting out as a futon store in the late 80s, Otherlands has evolved. After adding the gift shop, the owner jumped head first into the coffee business. Surprisingly, people fell in love with the Otherlands special brew of laid-back art, music and wonderful sips of comfort. The homemade veggie burgers are reason enough to make a special trip and don’t leave without grabbing a brownie.

Holy Ground

Coffee Pub​​​​
1731 Dancy Boulevard, Horn Lake

Holy Ground Coffee Pub is easily the coolest place to get a cup of hand pressed coffee.  The root beer espresso is already a town favorite. Paul Perry decided to do a bit more with his space, which has been a tattoo studio since 2001 and remains on the other side of the building. He loved coffee and art and decided to fuse his love for both into the extra space. The result is an inviting, relaxed and comfortable spot for everyone.

The Edge
532 South Cooper, Memphis

If you go to the edge, you could end up face-to-face with an avalanche. Don’t fret—the avalanche is one of the edge’s signature drinks and it’s a double espresso milkshake that you’ll fall in love with after one sip. The Edge has a wonderful array of coffee but let’s not leave out the cuisine, which is a wonderful blend of gourmet food fused with high quality coffee. The owner, Frank James, wanted to offer more than typical snack foods. Try the roast beef with a side of soul sauce. “Oh my god…” is all frequent customer, Thundrea, could say about Frank’s Catfish. This place is all cafe and more, so stop by for a sip or bite of good brew.

109 North Main Street, Memphis

If you want high-end coffee for a good price, try Qahwa. It’s a professional, laid-back spot where you can order anything you want and they’ll make it. The chicken croissant is perfect for lunch. For a healthy boost, try one of the fresh fruit smoothies. Give it a shot.

Cafe Eclectic
111 Harbor Town Square, Memphis

Cafe Eclectic lives up to its name. Everything is made from scratch and from their Buckwheat pancakes to their pineapple chicken sandwich, the array of options is endless. The Illy Drip is an organic coffee blend of perfection. The atmosphere is a classy Euro Cafe with a teaspoon of southern hospitality. It’s family friendly and just a sip around the corner.

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