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Her latest artistic endeavor took her from craft beer to arts and crafts with her handmade line of “beerings,” jewelry made from recycled materials that sports the logos and artwork associated with popular local brews. A nice can provides about six pairs of carefully cut dangling earrings. From the ever-popular pink-and-black Wiseacre model (made from a can of coffee milk stout) to the Americana-infused patterns on a pair of Fat Bottom earrings, no two pieces are quite the same. 


Words and logos dominate the work of Angelina Mazzanti. Diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, she eventually transformed her biggest source of anxiety as a child into an artistic asset.  “It’s definitely a form of facing old fears,” Mazzanti says of her early sculpture work comprised of looming, intimidating letter sculptures. 


Some cans provide an easier canvas than others, with the recent surge of local breweries making for a few hot sellers. “Some of these – like Memphis Made – are pretty easy,” she says. “People want to make that statement, you know?” 


Mazzanti has branched out recently into similarly crafted bracelets, hairpins, earrings and ornaments. Her wares can be found locally at Walking Pants, Stone Soup, Doc’s, and online through 

Angelina Mazzanti


In a word: Crafty

Angelina Mazzanti has a great love of all things beer. She wears this love on her sleeve, her ears and basically anywhere else she can manage. As a day job, she once worked as Beer Manager for Cash Saver, the number one beer company in the state of Tennessee. “Being in the beer world helps out a lot,” she says. “It’s very visual and based on imagery rather than reading material”






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